My aunt, who had been fighting brain cancer for almost 3 years, passed today. She fought it till the end and was as positive as she could be through it all.. I’ll miss her a ton. It’s the craziest feeling knowing that I’ll never see her again. Makes me realize that at any moment i can lose somebody close to me, family or friend. I know this sounds cliche, but it has really opened my eyes. I never want to take time spent with loved ones for granted again. I feel like I can be so distant from my family and some of my friends; and this makes me regret that. Death is a crazy thing in so many ways.. Only a few of y’all on here are truly close to me, I’m sure y’all know who y’all are. But I love you guys, and gals. Aunt carol, I love you. Thank you for everything you did for me and the family. You will be missed.

This is probably the most emotional thing y’all will ever see from me on here, but I had to let it out somewhere.


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As if to say, as if to say
As if to say he doesn’t like chocolate
He’s born a liar, he’ll die a liar
Some things will never be different

  • Me: *during sex* ....i think i hear someone coming....
  • girl: ....who?